Direct Publishing on Kindle

Self Publishing On Kindle for Independent Authors

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The Kindle Publishing Pro Software is not offered anymore.

There is a another product that also accomplishes Kindle Publishing.

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Direct Publishing on Kindle
Save on book publishing fees by becoming your own book publisher. Here is a chance for you to do your book publishing independently direct on the Kindle platform and reach millions of readers world wide. The business of self publishing has just become easier thanks to people who really care about writers and authors.

There are many tools available to help you publish your books on kindle such as Amazons own Kindle Direct Publishing tool.

Kindle’s Direct Publishing does allow one the advantage of using Amazons own online software product to publish your books. However, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is an online software tools that runs from your browser. Although this adds the advantage of being connected directly to Amazon, however, it does require one to be well prepared and have everything ready before hand when submitting your book for publishing.

Like a lot of things we are becoming heavily dependent on other peoples software at the mercy of your internet connection. What if you are somewhere away and need to prepare all this without an internet connection. I prefer having to do my preparation offline before uploading anything and specially when it involves something that I’ve wholeheartedly have committed so much effort, time and dedication. I simply prefer to work on my computer, have everything ready at my own time, able to make changes, edit them at some time and then get ready to publish them at the click of a button without doing anything at Amazon’s Kindle book publishing account. Let a software do that for me all on auto.

Kindle Publishing Pro Tool

If you prefer to work as I do on a computer that you own then I want to introduce you to Kindle Publishing Pro. Kindle Publishing Pro is a third party software that will help you cit the time and effort of publishing not just for one book but many books on Amazon Kindle book store.

Kindle Publishing Pro

Cut the middle man out and earn what you truly deserve from every effort, perseverance, dedication that only you have put into your work. Why would you share a big slice of your cake when you’re the one who has made most of the work and put the most effort into birthing your book(s).

Publish your book for free on Kindle Publishing Pro

    • Amazon Kindle Publishing platform allows you to earn royalties of up to 70%.
    • Sales are not limited to the English speaking countries.
    • Sales are not limited to the English speaking countries.

Imagine having customers not only in US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ but also in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and others.

Earn money as fast as you can – So publish Quickly

  • Become your own publisher as well as the author.
  • Prepare your eBook, upload and publish in just minutes and have the book appear on Amazon sites within two days.
  • This technology will kick out the middle man.
  • Keep most of your revenue to yourself and invest it on your next biggest book project(s).
  • Be self sustaining as an author.
  • Give yourself the chance to shine to your readers.

Self Publishing Authors

Many authors have taken the route of self-publishing their own books. This has enabled them to be more creative. Their confidence as a self publishing author has sky rocketed. This enables them to be more at peace with themselves which gives them the edge to go on creating their new master pieces.

As a self publishing author you won’t be at the mercy of a middle man organization dictating the terms to you.

Amazon Kindle – a Marketing Platform

Amazon Kindle is a self marketing platform where new readers will find you without you doing much work. If your work is one of high quality and readers love it then all it takes is a few readers to make an outstanding comment and you’ve got a winner in your future. What this does is that it will snowball as more and more readers pickup your work and make new comments. All you need is one block buster to establish yourself as an everlasting author. This is exactly how those who are well known have come to be where they are.

While your books become popular sellers, your bank balance quickly grows and extra zero’s appear at the end. It is an ongoing revenue generation that has been created from your own hard work. You deserve every dollar you earn.

Marketing Your Own Books – It’s easy once you know how it all works

To multiply your earning or revenue from your book sales even further, then you need to put in ta little bit of extra work, nothing complex, just a script to follow that will do that extra to make you popular for years to comes. Marketing on Amazon is good but you have to do a little bit outside Amazon to drive your popularity and sales.

The money that would have gone to the middle man if you had chosen to go through a publisher, you can now invest that in doing your own marketing to make your books even more popular.

Yeh baby, it all works!
It’s a matter of taking action and doing something about it!

Living Your Dreams

Once you’re on the track and have put a system in then there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your own dreams.

There are 2 software products that will help enhance your path to total freedom as self publishing author.

They are : Kindle Publishing Pro & Kindle Submitter Pro. When they are combined they will give you that extra push to do all the above for a very low investment.

Many authors have grabbed a copy of these products for their own self publishing business. These authors have save more money to earn more money through their own hard work as an author and a self publisher.

You won’t be disappointed if you’re a dedicated writer/author who wants to share their great stories with the reader all over the world.

Kindle Publishing Pro

  • This software will enable you to present and publish your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle store. Taking away the hard work of otherwise connecting manually to the Kindle platform.

Kindle Submitter Pro

  • Kindle Submitter Pro is as the name suggests is an eBook submitter to third party websites all over the internet and external to Amazon Kindle store.
  • Submit an intro copy to your main work.
  • Has the added power of giving you more exposure to your books.
  • Very affordable and the special price is kept low.

Kindle Direct Publishing

You have to work wisely on the internet and by doing these yourself you end up getting a bigger returns on your books instead of if you opted to go with a publishing house who will get a large slice of your work. As a matter of fact they would be doing similar work as you are doing now.

Remember, you end up with most of the royalties of the sales of your books when publishing as a self publishing author on Kindle Direct Publishing. Good luck to you as a writer, author, self-publisher and have a wonderful and joyous life!

Get Kindle Publishing Pro

Note: you can only purchase Kindle Submitter Pro once you have purchased Kindle Publisher Pro.