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Hello and welcome to ResearchEasy.com. We are grateful you have landed and reading our about us page. For that we thank you.

Our motivation for this site is really to help you the reader who may have landed here from anywhere on the web.

Our main job on this site involves reviewing high quality products that we have used in our personal life or business activities. These tools are only reviews and may not have the same results as we have had with them. In any case the reviews are based on our personal feelings and professional feedback for these products.

Our review processes vary according to the product used. We provide as much information as possible. We will provide this as best as we can to our knowledge. All our reviews are honest reviews and are based on how well they can be used in real world situations or scenes.

Although there are many tools, books, guides, tips that we write about, there is one that stands out and is focused on people. This one is about you, me and everyone else in this world. It determines whether you succeed in what ever you put your efforts into.  Click here to read about my review of The Millionaire’s Brain and high recommendation for those who are stuck.The Millionaires Brain Review

We are transparent about our operations and will state here that there are affiliate links on this site that link to the pages of the reviews we’ve made and as such if any purchase is made through our links we do get a commission.

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John Dougs
Site Administrator.
(updated October 2018)