Funnel Kit WordPress Lead Capture Plugin Review and Benefits

Funnel Kit ReviewFunnelKit WordPress Lead Capture Tool Made Easy

This tool is for the marketer, enthusiast, business man/woman, hobbyist, make money at home marketer and the rest of the gang who needs to build their very own optin lists.

If you haven’t got FunnelKit then hurry and get one, don’t wait. Go over to the site and just press the buy button. I have my own and am sharing how I find the usefulness of this tool.

FunnelKit a Time Saver

Funnelkit is a time saver in many areas of a Marketers life who needs to create simple, captivating and enticing lead capture pages. You already know the value of the WordPress editor and how useful a tool it is to create any type of article. In comes this tool that makes building lead capture pages just as easy to do without the hassle of learning new things.

NO Coding Required

No coding, no editing, no PHP or HTML or any of those “yucky” codes that look alien to most of us. Absolute chaos if you ask me. You need a brain transplant to understand the code beneath the webpage. Thank God there are brains out there that make it easy for us and shield us from that artificial world of computer code.

Well, you know how to use WordPress to create your articles – right? You do and it’s so easy to use this God Sent software (WordPress). Presenting your ideas and points across to your audience is such a great thing using WordPress’ editor.

I am about to tell you that Funnel Kit is one of those tools that make it easy to create Lead Capture Pages with the exact easiness, clarity and speed.


The major benefits you will get using Funnel Kit are:

  • Very easy to create highly converting lead capture pages with speed and ease.
  • No technical experience necessary since you already know WordPress.
  • You won’t need to deal with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and other complicated things. If you are used to point and click then this just works that way.
  • Did you want to create any type of page yet capture their email? FunnelKit allows you to bring your vision to life.
  • A plugin is meant to help the site owner save tonnes of time. This is exactly that – you won’t need to spend hours trying to figure out how to use the plugin.
  • Simple and easy to use with user friendly interface.
  • Extremely affordable for such a KEY product in the chain of marketing.
  • Low cost solution that is packed with exciting features.
  • Don’t stop just with lead captures – you can create lead capture pages as well as sales pages, webinar registration pages, thank you pages, download pages and more…
  • The best thing is creating unique squeeze pages that make it really stand out.
  • Do you like to serve a unique stunning geographically targeted pages with city backgrounds for each user then look no further – grab this tool – you won’t be disappointed.
  • It is going to enhance your business and add value and profits down in the future of your internet business activities.
  • Although I stay away from mutli-level marketing you can just as easily integrate FunnelKit to your existing Empower Network, Big Idea Mastermind, Pure Leverage or other business opportunity sales funnels

Increase Optin RateFunnelKit BEst Plugin for WordPress

FunnelKit will increase optin rate as per the Authors page. I am testing the effectiveness in my own sites and will have my own data to reveal here in the future.

Small Investment with Huge Benefits

Lot’s of goodies for a small investment. It is one of those tools that I recommend any marketer or website owner who is dealing with optin forms to take advantage of this tools massive benefits. The key here is small investment but massive benefits and time saving.

WOW Factor

My WOW factor is 95%. Anything over 70% after weighting a lot of factors in is something I consider and take seriously.

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To Easily Growing Your Online Business!

Emilis “Emka” Strimaitis (a.k.a. The Conversion Junkie)

P.S. I believe in total transparency. My 84.4% opt-in was the best number I’ve achieved using FunnelKit. As you know, results vary, depending upon your market and traffic quality. But I’ve NEVER dipped below 60% in ANY of my FunnelKit-created-campaigns. And whether you’ve been doing IM for a while… or you’re a complete newbie, you know how dramatically a consistent 60%+ conversion rate will undeniably change your business…

…and your life….


P.P.S. One of the top reasons why people give up with internet marketing is: Their massive efforts never reveal the financial results they want, need and deserve. Is that you? Have you wasted tons of time, money and energy using ineffective tools – without anything to show for it? It’s NOT your fault! But now, with FunnelKit, you have access to the same proven tools that the Top %5 of IMers use to predictably generate incredible results.

Like the old saying goes: “Don’t confuse effort with results.”

By leveraging FunnelKit, you’ll spend less time creating HUGELY converting squeeze pages and sales letters… and more time enjoying the fabulous results. Take action. And never look back! Click here to purchase FunnelKit (and don’t forget to take advantage of my 30 Money Back Guarantee – IF you haven’t reached a whole new level of results.)