How To Find High Page Rank Domains for Sale?

How to Get Cheap High Page Rank Domains?

How to find aged domains for sale?

Are you looking to buy old domains with high Page Rank and Domain Authority

 that are recently expired domains or aged domains?

The old way of finding high quality PR domains was tons of manual research.

Lot’s of false starts and results that was just utter frustration.


This Software Will Get Aged,

High REAL PageRank, Multiple Backlink

And Social Authority Domains, For you


“Power Software Does

Weeks Of Work

In Minutes!”


High PR, Massive Value Expired

Domains For Pennies On The Dollar


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What can PR Power Shot do for you?

It can save you time searching for a high pr domain from just one place.

Automatically analyse the domain and find out the Page Rank and Domain Authority of the domain.

Schedule a search criteria and let it email you what it find everyday.
So setup your own ‘Domain Alerts’ easily with this almost free tool.

  • Get list by email once a domain with a specified keyword with specified domain extension and specified pagerank
  • With PR, full backlink profile, social signals like Google_, Facebook, Twitter, domain age
  • Have someone bid on your behalf up to a maximum price so that you don’t have to be there 24 hours
  • By the way – you can have endless filters for ALL of your projects running at the same time.
  • and lots more.

Run it form your pc or from the website.

We love it because we save time looking for high PR and relevant domains.

Searching and finding PR4, PR5, PR6 and PR7 is now easy. Let it tell you the real ones from the fakes.

Excellent time saver.

Use it in your private Blog Network (PBN) or Private Website Network (PWN) for SEO.

Cheap way to build a private Blog Network.

In 10 minutes find high PR sites. Let it save you days and days doing all that research for you without doing anything.

Just tell it to bring back domains with high PR with a certain keyword in the domain name.

Pr Power Shot Website

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Don’t need to check for anything about a domain.
Let it do the work and get the answers to:
– Real or Fake PR
– Domain Authority
– Domain Age
– Backlinks
– Social Signals

The good thing about finding these high quality high PR Domains is that you don’t have to do any of the following:

  1. Then you have to take each one – and do a whois lookup for the age
  2. Drop it into a pagerank checker (solving a captcha) and see where it scores.
  3. (Plus… is it a REAL page rank, or are you about to get caught with buying something with Fake PR…?)
  4. Dig into some tool to find out if it has ever had anyone tweet about it, or post it on Facebook or Google plus
  5. Look up the HISTORY of the domain, to see if there has been anything ‘undesirable’ on that domain in the past
  6. Check the backlinks and the trustflow on each domain
  7. See if it is directory listed or not.
  8. And on and on it goes….

Do you know what the greatest thing about this software is?

            — It is the price —

As I said above it is almost a free tool. Pay once and use it for ever.
Check out the price you won’t be disappointed.

For me this is the number one domain digger, domain finder, domain searcher that cuts corners for me so cheaply.

I love what Walt Bayliss has created. Actually I like him a lot – a down to earth human being and one of the most honest persons I came across in this market.

What are you waiting for?

Go check it out!

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